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Yukimibotamon, Nyaromon, Salamon, Mikemon, Beastmon, Junomon, HystericJunomon

Yamato (Matt) Ishida, Mimi Tachikawa, Yuko Ishida, Max Ishida, Takeru (T.K.) Takaishi, Sam Takaishi, Mark Izumi, Umi IzumiSatoe Tachikawa, Kēsuke Tachikawa, Michel Takaishi, Kinu Ishida, Hiroaki Ishida, Nancy Takaishi

Angel is the daughter to Yamato (Matt) and Mimi. Living between both her parents homes, she feels out of place, she once overheard her mother discussing with her step father that she was a product of a night of passion. She feels out of place and grew a resentment towards her mother and father.

Angel went for a walk along the beach with her cousins Umi, Mark, and Sam, along with step siblings Yuko and Max, as well as a few of their friends, the only time that she felt that she was not a burden. Umi noticed something shiny in the water and went to take a closer look went a digital distortion occurs and a red beattle looking beast appeared and disappeared. All the kids begin to talk about what just happened, other than Umi, who was focus on the shiny thing in the water.

The shiny thing in the water started to glow and shot out from it and into Angel's hands. Little did she know that it was a digivice. Once in her hands more beams of light came from the water and shot these misterious objects into the hands of all the other children that were standing there.

Angel goes on journeys in the digital world with her family and friends, but is consumed by the drakness within her and joins forces with Laylamon after a huge arguement between her and the others. Angel becomes the Dark Digi-Queen who builds an army of Virus and Dark digimon to return to the real world to destroy it.

Angel was gifted with two digimon partners Nyaromon and BlackNyaromon